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The push toward better understanding and taking up space in the digital world has been driven forward through Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Strategy Fund. At the midway point of this fund’s lifespan in late 2019 there were nearly 400 funded projects. Despite advances made, the digital world remains for many mysterious and impenetrable.

The COVID-19 pandemic responses the world over shuttered much of normal life for a time. In the resulting rush to digital we have seen clearly how far the performing arts have to go to realize the potential of the digital world to not only market live events, but explore and adopt digital business models.

Inga Petri and Tammy Lee have driven forward development of a Digital Playbook for the Performing Arts. We see it as a living tool to more easily assess digital opportunities for artists, arts organizations and alliances and make strategic and operational decisions about how to be online.

We will release up-to-the-minute installments based on our ongoing practices during the fall of 2020.

Digital Playbook Serials

How to build an effective web presence in 2021 (to be released)

How to use social media for good (to be released)

How to secure discoverability of your events, organization and artists (to be released)

How to Design and Deliver Awesome Online Conferences and Events

How to be successful in the new normal for the performing arts (to be released)