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Online Workshops Available

We continue to offer workshops and digital learning as the world around the arts keeps changing. These workshops address emergent issues the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery has brought to the forefront.

Online workshops range in duration from 1 to 2 hours. Some workshops are best delivered over 2 to 4 sessions to cover the material and equip participants to implement insights they gain.

Participants will find ample time to get their questions answered and learn from their colleagues along the way.

Digital Coach

In addition to workshops, we provide one-on-one coaching on digital assessments, online and social marketing, digital revenue streams and action planning to help arts organizations rebuild better.

Digital coaching is offered by Inga Petri, Strategic Moves. As needed she will set you up with other experts to help you address  your questions and concerns.

New for 2022

Re-engaging Audiences

As COVID-19 recovery advances through uncertainty, doubt sand hope, our attention turns to re-engaging live arts audiences and rebuilding a vibrant and resilient performing arts and touring sector in Canada.

In this workshop, Inga offers her practitioner’s perspectives of the opportunities and pitfalls both in real life and in the digital world as we seek to re-engage audiences, re-activate volunteers and re-energize our communities. Inga will outline the main trends affecting the performing arts sector as it emerges from COVID restrictions. And she will engage participants in a profound conversation about specific strategies, tools and tactics to rebuild better for both volunteer-run presenters and staff-led theatres.

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

New in 2022

Re-imagining Resilience in the Arts

Taking an eco-system view, this workshop outlines how to orchestrate a powerful interplay of digital and “in-real-life” strategy for live arts presenters.

We will explore how digital and hybrid audiences have shifted the equation for arts organizations both in their local communities and as national or global markets. And we will look at emergent hybrid performing arts events.

We will discuss the opportunities arts organizations have to become true community leaders that embed their organizations in the very fabric of civic life and public discourse.

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

New in 2022

Organizational Digital Maturity and Needs Assessments

Many arts organizations have adopted profound digital change to maintain some connection to audiences during COVID restrictions. Acting fast, even without fully understanding all the practical or strategic implications, was rewarded with a semblance of connection.

Now, arts organizations need to take stock of where digital will fit as towns, regions, and countries  loosen restrictions.

Inga Petri has turned her experience conducting digital maturity and needs assessments and building organizational strategies that spawn digital action plans into a series of workshops. These workshops review the three main stages:

  1. digital maturity assessment – where is your organization at today in terms of the use of digital tools and processes. (what is)
  2. digital needs assessment – what are the opportunities the organization could seize to advance toward it mission and vision (what could be)
  3. digital action plan that delivers on strategic priorities identified (what we invest in/what will be)

Assessing Digital Maturity and From Digital Maturity to Strategy

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

NEW in 2022

How to Build Digital Revenue Streams in the Performing Arts

This workshop explores how arts organizations can build digital business models individually or in concert with partner organizations. Business models aim to capture the value generated by artistic activities.

What does the digital creative chain look like? How is the same or different from the bricks and mortar world dynamics? Who benefits from artistic creation, production and presentation and how? This workshop will also touch on digital B2B and B2C platforms in development for the performing arts.

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

New in 2022

Design and Production of Online and Blended Events

The COVID-inspired rush to digital has created both tremendous challenges and awesome opportunities. For anyone putting on conferences, events or performances, the need to re-imagine and re-invent our ways of being and working, to adjust our perspective on what matters has been challenging.

This series of workshops examines the details of how to design online and blended conferences and events; the new roles of conference speakers; technical aspects of production, revenue and expenses. We also explore the implications of blended audiences on digital or live performances and propose a series of best and leading practices

Resources and Recordings – Blended (Hybrid) Conferences and Events – Delivered June 23 and 24, 2021

Workshop Leaders: Inga Petri, Lynn Feasey, Jason Guille or GR Gritt

NEW in 2021

What bots are doing for people on the Web and why they matter

Arts organizations that are interested in improving their reach of audiences online have to start thinking about their relationship with Internet bots. Like Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, bots have a distinctly different communication style and mode of behaviour from people. This workshop explains the communication styles that arts organizations need to adopt for effective use of bots.

Workshop Leader: Tammy Lee, Culture Creates

NEW in 2021

B2B Interactions: Capacity-building

Capacity-building is defined as an investment in the effectiveness and sustainability of a not-for-profit organization. Business-2-Business (B2B) interactions should be an integral part of capacity-building.

In this workshop, Tammy Lee explains how B2B interactions contribute to a capacity-building ecosystem for both individual organizations and the sector at large. Tammy will help arts organizations see how other organizations can help you and vice-versa.

Workshop Leader: Tammy Lee, Culture Creates
MTB-1 / Assessing your actual online footprint and creating an effectively integrated web presence.

This workshop uses a specially designed and customized online assessment tool as well as a series of practical exercises to assess each participant’s current online presence on Google, Facebook and other social media, to digital marketplaces and review sites as applicable. This workshop gives participants the insights to overhaul their web presence.

The assessment tool

Workshop leader: Inga Petri

MTB-2 / From Search to Discoverability Online

This workshop connects the dots between 1) having a web site, 2) traditional search engine optimization (SEO), 3) advanced SEO through structured data, and 4) taking discoverability to another level through linked open data directories. Learn how to position artists, events, venues and arts organization by creating and maintaining Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata entries. We also introduce the artsdata.ca and other data initiatives. This workshop  explains the connection between these directories and how search engines provide answers. By adopting a few new ways of maintaining your website content  your site will not only be found but your content becomes truly discoverable.

The Semantic Web: What it is and how it affects your web presence

Workshop leader: Inga Petri

MTB-3 / Make Google Work for You!

In this workshop we take a relentless audience-centric view of your Google presence. We equip participants with the information and tools necessary to know how Google generates answers from your web content – rather than merely search results – and what you need to do to ensure your content is, indeed, discoverable on Google.

This session is a practical exploration of essential Google services like Search, MyBusiness, Maps, Google Events, Answer Boxes, and Google Home (voice).

Digital Assessment: Google Answer Boxes

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

MTB-4 / Social Media

Learn how to decide whether and in which social media to invest your time, energy and budget.

This workshop answers how to develop compelling social media content that engages your target audience and does what social media is meant to do: build relationships. It explains how your web content can be shared effectively on social media platforms.

This workshop can be offered as a series of 3 or 4 workshops.

Social Media Marketing Plan;  Tips on Writing for Social Media; Tips for Photography for Social Media

Workshop Leaders: Briana Doyle, Evie Lavers or Inga Petri

MTB-5 / E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, from campaign-style electronic direct mail (eDMs) to regular e-newsletters is here to stay. This workshop addresses the latest insights about what makes email effective. We review best practices of this long established marketing tactic, and discuss how you can test what works best for your goals and audiences. From list building to segmentation to analyzing conversion rates, you will be up-to-date on all things e-mail marketing.

Workshop Leader: Briana Doyle, Evie Lavers or Inga Petri

MTB-6 / Online measurement

This workshop will demystify online performance measurement from web traffic statistics to social media interactions. We will discuss the importance of knowing what you want from your web presence and determine together which metrics you need to collect and analyze. In so doing, we help you focus on the salient information toward meeting your actual goals, whether building profile, building relationships or generating sales.

Online Measurement

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

MTB-7 / Digital Divide Make Room for Digital Equity!

Are we merely reflecting the physical world and its systemic inequities and exclusion online? Or are we taking the opportunity to create something better for all? This conversation looks at what equity could look like in the digital context. And it seeks to explore how to build web presence/tools/actions that share the digital space/bring visibility to Indigenous peoples, racialized groups, people with disabilities in a good way.

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

MTB-8 / Privacy and Ethical Marketing

This workshop will address the all-important questions related to your customer data: who owns your customer data, who can use it and how, with a review of key concepts and their implications for arts organizations from PIPEDA to CASL.

Workshop Leader: Inga Petri

Other Topics

What are your pressing concerns? What have we not addressed that you want to explore or learn more about?

Contact Inga Petri, and let’s explore how to tailor a workshop to your needs.