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Tips on Writing for Social Media

      • – Define and hone your voice – this is an essential brand marketing need!
      • – Voice: be casual, conversational, talk to me directly, positive, upbeat, fun. Remember, this is social media, i.e. a social space inhabited by humans
      • – Use I, we, you instead of the company, the client, the team
      • – Short sentences, short words – especially so in English writing
      • – 40 characters makes a long Facebook post in most cases. ONe of my most successful long posts on a business page was over 500 words … it shared a very personal story in a well-established community
      • – Link to your blog, gallery, videos and other long form, don’t paste its content into Facebook status
      • – Use emoji to show your point and increase engagement
      • – Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram
      • – Call to action but don’t over-promote and don’t sell when you are building a social relationship
      • – Short questions can be great lead-ins
      • – Research tells you who you are writing for – use it! Facebook has quite a lot of statistical information it shares when you set up your page as a a business page.
      • – It’s OK to break some punctuation rules, but do check spelling and grammar.
      • – Write great captions for your images
      • – Write great responses! Have some fun – hone that voice!