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Tips for Photography for Social Media

  • – Take current / timely photos – it is best to go beyond press kit head shots of artists posing to draw in your audience. Also: taking images of audience members enjoying themselves in your space can work well.
  • – Rule of thirds – enable grid lines on your smart phone and centre on the intersection of lines (not dead centre)
  • – Choose a single clear subject
  • – Symmetry elevates images
  • – Crop instead of zoom – the quality will be higher (unless you have pro camera)
  • – To avoid the slight shake that reduces your image quality on hand held photos, get a tripod and mount your phone
  • – Use natural frames
  • – Leverage reflections in water, windows
  • – Repeating patterns (similar to symmetry)
  • – Introduce a new / unusual perspective
  • – Use abstraction
  • – Candid shots – faces draw attention and we follow their gaze
  • – Show your humour – in good taste
  • – No longer forced into squares on Instagram = a good thing
  • – Use your phone’s camera functions (panorama, select focus, food) and image editing
  • – Take many pics and select the best to edit and post – try editing on a larger screen if you can, for instance a tablet.
  • – #nofilter – use this hashtag when its accurate.
  • – To protect your own copyright, don’t post complete images of final visual art pieces that can be reproduced/printed easily

I often browse around the Internet for latest and best tips. Some of these tips were inspired by this blogpost: 12 Tips for Taking Better Marketing Photos for Your Social Media Campaigns posted on Quicksprout.com

It’s worth looking at what the Pros do, too. I often look at the free articles on specialized sites, like this one: Professional Photographer Magazine

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