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Content drives linking strategy

Internal Linking

Rather than merely optimizing single pages for keywords, SEO experts now often recommend optimizing for topic clusters (SEM Rush). This is done by:

  1. Identifying the topics (keywords) you wish to rank for
  2. Writing an in-depth “pillar post” for each topic that summarizes key points
  3. Creating clusters of shorter posts that go into more detail about the topic, and ensure they link internally to and from the pillar page

Linking topic clusters to pillar pages optimizes for SEO by improving your authority on a particular topic. It also allows you to rank for more specific keywords, as each “cluster” post can focus on a specific topic or answer to a specific question.

Back links

Along with internally linking content on your own website, another key SEO focus is to generate links from other websites to your own. In the case of the performing arts that can be as simple as asking the artists you present and their agents and managers to link to the events listing on your website.

The more high-quality back links point to your site, the higher the importance search engines attribute to your site as literally the hub of a web of websites.