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Stage 5 – Follow up

By Jason Guille (Stream of Consciousness), Lynn Feasey (Points North Creative) and Inga Petri (Strategic Moves[email protected]), February 2021

Closing the loop for online events and conferences is important. In lieu of handshakes, hugs and business card exchanges, there is a great opportunity to continue building this community after the events is over. Whether they have attended in person or online, organizers can harness the excitement of the event and turn that into a forum, a channel, a continuing exchange where like-minded individuals can meet for networking, thought leadership, problem solving or custom content. More frequent interaction and touchpoints with key audiences opens the door to year-round engagement, sponsorship, and revenue potential.

As we navigate change, it is imperative to gather meaningful and useful feedback. Your post conference/event survey is a golden opportunity to collect insights and should not be an afterthought. When designing your post event survey, think of your defined desired outcomes, about future events, programming, untapped opportunities, gaps in technology, the registration process and then design a survey that allows you to measure your success and learn how to improve for the next time.

Developing any event or conference follows five stages: discovery, design, development, delivery and follow up