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  /  Beyond the Fundamentals: Expanding Discoverability

Beyond the Fundamentals: Expanding Discoverability

SpringWorks / Hermione Presents

Beyond the Fundamentals: Expanding Discoverability

by SpringWorks / Hermione Presents
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PADE (Puppetry Arts Digital Evolution) is a project that aims to increase access to digital tools, resources and skills for puppeteers, multidisciplinary artists and arts organizations. Through this national initiative, we will share, learn and plan how best to implement digital knowledge and tools into individual and joint digital discoverability, marketing, and strategic future plans.

  1. The Fundamentals Series – October 18 to December 4, 2021 — Click to view Recordings and presentations
  2. Beyond the Fundamentals (From Search to Discoverability – 5 workshops) – January 12 to February 2, 2022
  3. Understanding Digital Business Opportunities and Revenue Models (3 workshops) – February 16 to March 9, 2022

Four Beyond Fundamentals: From Search to Discoverability workshops

All workshops start at 10 am Pacific / 1 pm Eastern time and are conducted via Zoom Meetings.

Workshops will use a dynamic mix of short presentations, hands on demonstration, participant-driven conversation and Q and As to ensure participants learn at their own speed. Pre-workshop assignments will be shared one week prior to each workshop and require between 5 and 15 minutes of work.

Click dates to register for each specific session.

Workshop 1: Traditional and Advanced Search engine optimization (SEO) assessment – 75 minutes

When: January 12th, 1pm Eastern

  • Pre-workshop homework: generate an SEO report using a specific web tool, share with the workshop leader in advance; get benchmarks
  • This workshop connects the dots between 1) having a web site, 2) traditional search engine optimization (SEO), 3) advanced SEO through structured data, and 4) taking discoverability to another level through linked open data directories.

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Workshop 2: Machine-Readable Content – 90 minutes

When: January 15th, 1pm Eastern

  • Demonstrate what discoverability means tangibly – do google searches for events and see what happens
  • We will review WordPress and plug ins available, Yoast and SchemaPro in particular.
  • We will review other ways to generate machine-readable content (for those not using WordPress) to use in sites using Wix, Squarespace and other DIY tools.
  • How to test schema mark up to ensure its accuracy

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Workshop 2: Machine- Readable Content – 90 minutes (repeated)

When: January 19th, 1pm Eastern

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Workshop 3: Wikidata – Linked, Open Data – 60 minutes

When: January 26th, 1pm Eastern

  • Learn why you need a Wikidata listing and how Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons works
  • How to create a Wikidata listing for your organization, people, recurring events – we will set up a listing together for one of the organizations that will have volunteered in advance.
  • Relationship to search engines as well as to new services by Artsdata.ca

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Session 4: Discoverability Review / Community of Practice – 90 minutes

When: January 29th, 1pm Eastern

  • A Recap of key teachings and learnings
  • Small group conversation about their progress, challenges
  • Open conversation in the group about challenges and obstacles to making the changes needed to dial up their discoverability
  • Review, critique any materials participants wish to share that they have generated

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Session 5: Discoverability Review / Community of Practice – 90 minutes

When: February 2nd, 1pm Eastern

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Workshop Leader

Inga PetriStrategic Moves, has been putting digital conversations in the performing arts sector on the agenda since 2011, when she lead the seminal Value of Presenting: A Study of Performing Arts Presentation in Canada (© 2013, CAPACOA). She has a long record of collaboration with our sector including co-writing Digitizing the Performing Arts: An Assessment of Issues, Opportunities and Challenges (© 2017, CAPACOA). Inga crosses the arts and technology divide easily:  since 1997, she has managed the development of web site applications, conceived online marketing campaigns, and helped organizations forge closer connections with their audiences in the digital and physical realms.

Inga Petri, Workshop leader

To register for this event email your details to PADE@springworksfestival.ca

Register using webmail: Gmail / AOL / Yahoo / Outlook


Date And Time

2022-01-12 - 01:00 PM (EDT)
2022-02-02 - 02:30 PM (EDT)




Zoom - Puppetry Arts Digital Evolution Initiative

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Online workshop

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