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Webinar: Discoverability and the Role of Structured Data

A major shift in digital presence and discoverability stems from the fact that the semantic web enables search and recommendation systems to directly answer users’ questions. This means people are increasingly discovering and interacting with information directly on Google, Siri and other search engines. Furthermore,  AI algorithms are favouring websites that provide machine-readable structured data that they ‘understand’, and can use, as sources for their answers.

Today, the arts sector can benefit from a digital transformation that helps audiences discover their streaming and online events – as well as be ready when live gatherings recommence.This webinar shows you what steps you need to take to transform your online presence for the semantic web – and become a top answer for audiences of performing arts.

Tammy and Caitlin of Culture Creates discussed the impact of AI, the benefits of structured data and the value of building a national knowledge graph for the arts. They also previewed changes in structured meta data to account for new event categories for online live, streaming and other event status.

Thanks to the 51 participants from across Canada attended this webinar.

  • 0:00 Welcome, Acknowledgements
  • 2:43 Today’s agenda
  • 5:50 How semantic web changes how people use information
  • 8:20 AI and the web
  • 13:09 Voice assistants (e.g. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant)
  • 15:40 What search engines look for
  • 19:28 What is structured data?
  • 20:37 #1  Drive Business Results
  • 22:38 #2  Improve Findability
  • 23:18 #3  Rich results help you stand out
  • 26:33 #4  Greater Brand Control
  • 28:48 #5  Promote Your Event
  • 30:30 #6  Influence the Google Knowledge Panel
  • 35:05 #7  Optimize for Voice Search
  • 37:36 #8  Be Discovered on All Surfaces
  • 41:21 #9  Videos Played Right From Search
  • 42:23 #10  Build a Knowledge Graph
  • 46:07 Recap of benefits
  • 49:28 Building a Knowledge Graph
  • 58:07 Footlight tool
  • 1:08:13 Structured data tools
  • 1:20:42 Laurie Gillis – closing