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  /  New in digital literacy   /  A Review of WordPress plugins for events

A Review of WordPress plugins for events

Jai Djwa, a BC-based creative technologist strategist,  tested a few WordPress event plugins as part of CAPACOA’s Linked Digital Futures Initiative. Here are his results:

The best combination of plugins he found was:

He says he “configured the combination of plugins so that it had all the information that would be useful for the event without any errors. This combination of plugins also gave the most comprehensive schema.”

Excerpts from Jai’s article:

Adding structured data to your website, usually in the form of a JSON-LD script hidden in the header of your webpage, gives Google and other search engines specific insight into what kind of content you have and how to display it in a useful and relevant way. Since search is a key way your art lovers and concert goers find performances, this question of structured data is extremely important.

Yoast is a powerful SEO tool that allows you to set keywords and cornerstone content for each page. Adding metadata through Yoast is quite powerful. Yoast doesn’t add Event schema but it does add general “WebPage” schema to Event pages. It will also add different “Article” schema as well as “Website.” As Yoast has an extremely high installation rate, chances are that any solution should work with Yoast.

Schema Pro quickly became a top contender in adding additional schema to most pages. You can select a wide variety of content types to add schema to. I chose only Event, but Person and Local Business were both possible, which are useful for the arts. Person can be the artist, and Local Business is the organization, especially if the arts organization has an office or a venue it manages.

Coffee chat and chew: Event Plugins, Schema and WordPress

Join us, Nov 12 at 10:30 AM PST ( 1:30 pm EST) for “Coffee chat and chew: Event Plugins, Schema and WordPress!” Come share and learn approaches to adding event schema to your WordPress site with Jai Djwa. Jai will informally present his recent research findings on the topic. Share your own thoughts and meet a group of like-minded arts organizations.

Register in advance for this meeting: https://bit.ly/3d0QIio
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