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Assessment Workshop / MBT 1 (Contact East 2019)

Here is the visual presentation that was used at the Contact East workshop on assessing your digital footprint. Download Assessing Your Digital Footprint, September 2019 (PDF)

That was a much needed wake-up call. I never thought about our website in this way! Thank you. – Contact East participant

A 28 question assessment and evaluation is completed during the session and serves as a bit of a wake-up call for many.

The objective of this workshop is to give direction to how organizations and artists need to think about adjusting or re-envisioning their web presence.

Each time I give this workshop it is a bit different as Google and social networks evolve and as the literacy level of the conversation varies from place to place, group to group.

Know your digital footprint
Know your digital footprint - a presentation slide
Where do you focus in digital development?
Where do you focus in digital development? On places of first impressions!

This workshop was delivered in 90 minutes. Most of the time participants are online, using the hotel wifi or their own data plan to examine their web presence. The workshop leader  uses a fixed Ethernet connection (whenever possible, sot hat we don’t compete for the same limited hotel wifi bandwidth) in order to show participants various Google results and how an organization’s website is used to generate those results.

In essence this workshop deals with how Google provides answers (rather than merely search results) and increasingly is designed to use web content but bypasses the originating websites.

Download Assessing Your Digital Footprint, September 2019

Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 4.0